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How to choose a profession beeing an "A student"

" In the novel of Jorge Amado "Captains of the Sand", there was no doubt which one of the characters - difficult and very difficult teenagers -. What to do when they grow up they grew up without parents, they lived in the warehouse, they were not a righteous life, their hearing is not touching speech teachers - but one by one these guys are all strongly felt each his vocation vocation of one of them was the painting, calling the other -. theology, calling the third - the struggle for the rights of the poor, were altogether questionable and improper "vocation" - but they They were distinct. What often, alas, can not be said for vocations standouts, with you our compatriots and contemporaries. These people are well versed in the school subjects, but sometimes do not know where to do the same. "

Just in case equal honors achievements in all subjects - and none of them are particularly interesting for him. This student was not averse to anything interested in - and ask yourself: what do I wonder what? But - it does not give an answer, like Gogol's Russia of "Dead Souls". However, Russia still somewhere rushes - and Excellent marking time, not knowing what he should do. And he does not know why he does not know and why his neighbor on the desk so interested in physics, bravely getting any estimates. Excellent wanted to do something to make it interesting, but has no idea what to do.

  • An Education

The question is not only to do something. The question is mainly to rejoice.It would be nice just to enjoy what you are doing. If you just listen to adults for life and was a quiet man, hassle-free for parents and teachers need to have something to start you still excited and happy. Due to the bleak because of their own joyless obedience often important choice is difficult to make.

Put in front of you everyday to-do list: prepare lessons in one subject, for another, on the same subject read a book, on the other - an article on the third - to collect material on the Internet, to write an essay for the exam, discuss with a tutor difficult question of discipline, to solve the problem mathematics. Imagine that all this is done, is done. From what everyday things you happier clogged heart? None of what? Do not give up. Look for joy in his daily life, in the routine. And move to the joy it can lead to a vocation. Feel that you are happy anymore. Appreciate the joy. Learn to be happy.

Of course, feelings - is not only one joy. If you do not know what profession you want to learn, then, most likely, you are undemanding in life - try to just listen to your feelings on any occasion and not too shy to show them.

Feel that you do not want to limit myself a profession even now, when you do not know really more about a lot. Do you want to have a wide, a real choice? Are you happy that you have a large selection? So to find out about different professions!

  • Interest in life

It's an interesting thing - to learn about the wide range of jobs a little more than usual. The list of occupations can be taken on the Internet - and collect interesting facts about the day each of them in order (suddenly some information will awaken in you a desire to work and learn in this direction). And after that, you can list on a piece of paper or in a document on a computer monitor all cases that you rather cute than not. And, whatever the money and fame that they can bring, consider which ones you would like to engage to a greater extent. Anyway, you can give yourself a little more exercise is interested in everything that you found in the form of events or information.

Standouts seems that by default it is interesting life as a youth - this spring, morning time, and that not suspect otherwise. However, this does not fit with its painful indifference to, this indifference to what should not be. The lack of interest in life, oddly enough, may be due to high expectations and dreaminess. Ask yourself, what artistic direction you like, and if realism in the number of those not included, most of all, I guess. And if you dream, you forget to read the work, I guessed quite accurately. Planning to study science as an armchair scientist? From the world you still can not hide: President Medvedev urged to put all theses on the Internet. You just have to be interested in the world, people and their affairs. By the way, all this is not to see the problem and opportunity. All about what you know is possible. And then, there are some specialty in a particular high school (no matter what take unloved chemistry). And then, how to apply it, if it already possess.

  • Order

How to know something about professions when it should do their homework? Any study clear standouts than any practice - so whimsical, so wrong. Sometimes he does not like experiments and laboratory work, but it does accurately. Perhaps it carries the beauty of computing, signs, numbers, letters - system order. But the suspicion that it is somehow unreal and where something goes live parallel lives, he maintained.

School psychologists delicately call this state of academic talent. Sometimes the results of the tests per se demonstrate most senior of the parallels - and I must say that not every one of them an ideal student. So 15 years before even disturb human career choice is often not recommended, do not advise to put the question bluntly: what is the point if all the subjects will again be only academically gifted?

If you are doing for the sake of order and the lessons you like ordering something, think: maybe you could put together in his spare time interesting and SuperDuper collection and to tell the world about it? Who need to buy artifacts for their money: it is possible to arrange online museum. Razuznavaya for each copy you addicted, interested, at the same time learn some relevant basic subjects and know how to apply that knowledge to your business. In the process you will understand what it is - really like any business. And turn a hobby into a profession, or choose a profession that will entice you with no less: less - my pride would not allow it.

How else to realize the propensity to regulate anything and everything? Think that combines business, at least a little interesting to you, - and dig in this direction.
Again, do not get too attached to a particular university, the competition in this university, to the realities of one or two professions that you know more than others, and to think exclusively in these coordinates. If you just can not get rid of specific numbers of the competition and in front of your inner eye still swims and swims the main building of the very institution to which you are likely to "have" to go, try as much as possible to change the situation for reflection and to find an analogue of this high school in France, USA, Italy or Australia. They teach in a different way? What system of teaching is closer to you? Be honest with yourself and be free: you live on planet Earth, and has the right to choose what is best for you. Place your order in this matter!

  • Among the people

Excellent listening to idle tips - just because they sound confident: he himself was not sure of his vocation. However, it is important to connect the analytical skills - and stubbornly resist any stereotypes. For example, you pretty kind of profession, but a little luck along the way - and your friends do not believe that you enter the number of those few. Think on what they are based in his opinions, get all the information, make the most objective picture of yourself. Generally, in such cases, it is important to learn as early as possible to determine the long-term and potentially popular projects and ideas, as well as a good listener and be able to prove themselves and to present their interesting thoughts.

Do not try to be like everyone else, do not put yourself restrictions; it does not mean you have to still go to the ballet, but some options that you discarded, it can be considered.

Do not hesitate to try new things and make mistakes: do not worry, if it does not. You will appreciate in the exam, the parents of your merits somehow recognize - and to the rest of you do not care.
However, looking to what "the others". Watch as working professionals, craftsmen, make your way on trips to the enterprise shtudiruet interview, watch video professionals work, think about how to achieve the same quality of work. Try to understand "how it's done." How to do it as well or better than any other way. The one who reaches for inspiring people, wherever they are working, doing the right thing. You can imagine these people on any work of interest to you, how much they got down to business?

  • A few words about the similarities and originality

Sometimes it happens that the person submitting "fate", mastering the profession, to which as a whole is indifferent, but after a while enters the taste and discovers that she is "his." Absolutely no prerequisites for this can not be: surely he, say, a child loved to play in something like that. Remember, what you played.

By the way, what would you be doing if you did not have to work?
Most people have these dreams are very similar (to keep a seaside restaurant and draw pictures), but if your day-dream is original, it is worth it to learn.

Read about the various projects of start-ups, about competitions, ask yourself which of them you would like to attend and what profession like the proposed one-time or just time-limited activities.

You can have such professional skills that employers are still for the most part only vaguely felt, and has not yet formulated as a necessity. It can be very, very good to feel themselves and understand how and what to offer them.

  • Motion!

Excellent often clumsy. Yes, he is the first to run to the teacher's desk to hand over the written confident control, but lost in the physical education. He reads books, not only because he loves books, but also because it does not matter plays in team games. Do not neglect physical activity.

How to budge in the choice of profession? For what purpose you hope for what purpose (note that it should not be in itself delivery, namely the development of the profession), you are ready to move mountains, and run to his vocation?

For starters, you can make a small project "and from". This will give confidence that as a professional you have already started.

  • The Unbearable Lightness of Being

Standouts, this bewildered favorites of fortune, everything comes easily. And some things are even easier to him. And he thinks right, then they should at least be quite easy, once uninteresting. What about the "interesting", we have already realized. But easy it really is not! The school version of "wisdom" is not intended to overcome any obstacles. Therefore, principles of training is not for everyone familiar collector "fives" - and the first lot of the difficulties are able to surprise him. Tell yourself that difficult - this is normal, and does not give in. Rejoice: you will have a profession!

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