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New World Order 2014 Plans - Christian Church Involvement & Biblical Response

People are talking about this "new world order" with all these conspiracy theories about Illuminati and Bilderberg and Freemasons and bohemian grove and council on foreign relations and so forth, but the one TRUE and REAL "new world order" is that of The LORD our God in Jesus Christ. There is NOTHING anybody can do to stop His true, absolute, and perfect "new world order" =-P 

Become a part of the one and only, true, biblical, GODLY, CHRISTIAN "new world order" in an extremely easy, very powerful, highly effective, and COMPLETELY FREE

WWW.SEEKORSERVE.COM was created simply to follow the command of Jesus Christ as stated in The Word of God: that those who would profess to follow Him love one another, and that by doing so, show the world that they are truly followers of Jesus Christ (John 13:34-35). 

In doing so, the natural outcome is the ushering in of a truly godly (and biblical) "new world order" - one in which Christian love for one another permeates throughout our local and ultimately global community.

WWW.SEEKORSERVE.COM is nothing other than a "tool" meant to be used by everyone - especially Christians & their churches - to follow Jesus' command and love each other. (John 13:34-35)

The hope and prayer is that enough Christians will rise to the occasion and take advantage of this opportunity to prove to the world that they are truly known for LOVE above all. 

Do NOT wait or hesitate! There's NO TIME TO WASTE!! Get involved in (and also respond to) "the new world order" right a BIBLICAL way....

Christians everywhere are called upon to unite in an unprecedented, unequaled, unmatched, uncontested demonstration of the TRUE LOVE that comes only from Jesus Christ. 

Specific biblical references are John 13:34-35 & John 15:17.

Whether people "seek" to meet their needs or provide giveaways to "serve" others, ultimately everyone should seek and serve Jesus Christ, The One True Lord, Savior, & God. Hence, the name "SeekOrServe" - everybody can and should do one or the other...or better yet, BOTH!

Meet people. 
Meet needs. 

Just "S-O-S" it! =)

It only takes a "spark" to light a WHOLE BLAZE!!

In the powerful Name of JESUS CHRIST, this call goes out to ALL people ESPECIALLY Christians & Churches: OBEY The LORD's command (John 13:34-35) and help ignite a CHRISTIAN New World Order!!

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